Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Grow your own Food with Sub-Irrigating Planters

It's always a good idea to try and grow some of your own food to cultivate your sense of independence.

President Truman urges Americans to grow food

Many are daunted by this 'complicated' prospect and give up on the idea prematurely. But there is a simple, 'slam dunk' way to grow your own food: using Sub-Irrigating Planters or SIPs.

A SIP Patent from 1917

You can make your own SIPs from open-source instructions using 5 gallon buckets and Earthtainers or buy commercial models like the EarthBox or Grow Box.

Sub-Irrigating Planters have a water compartment on the bottom with a "wick" of wet soil that lets the plants water themselves as needed using the power of capillary action. A water overflow hole indicates that the SIP is full and prevents you from drowning the plants:)

Self-Irrigating Planters can be easily setup even in high-rise apartments, eliminate weeds and pests, give high yields of organic "local" fruits and vegetables and save you money. All you have to do is to water them every few days and pick the harvest!

I setup four EarthBoxes early this spring on my South Street apartment's deck and reaped great results as you can see.

South Street Brandywine Tomatoes

We have also enjoyed many intangible blessings like witnessing the miraculous visits of butterflies and bees to pollinate the tomatoes. There is nothing like the delectable satisfaction of watching and eating food you have grown. Bon appetit!

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