Thursday, February 26, 2009

Esther: A Spy Story?

Some things in the Scroll of Esther make sense only on the assumption that Mordechai was running a spy ring in the royal palace that included the enuchs and that Esther was a newly minted spy on her first, crucial assignment:

- How exactly was Ahasuerus' order to Vashti worded by the enuchs who delivered the message to her?(1.10-12)

-Memucam suggests and the King accepts(1.21 )

-The servants suggest and the King accepts, Hegai is nominated(2.4)

-Mordechai has daily channels of communication with Esther(2.11)

-Esther follows Hegai's advice(2.15)

-Esther obeys Mordechai( 2.20)

-How did Mordechai know all about Haman's plot, including access to secret royal documents(4.7-8)

-Mordechai prods a reluctant Esther to act(4.13-14)

-Esther might have given an anti-sleep potion to Ahasuerus at the first wine feast( 6.1)

-How did the King's servants know to open the annals exactly on Mordechai's page?(6.2)

-Esther compromises Haman(7.8)

Purim Sameach!

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